VOA 1分ニュース スクリプト 12/02/15

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Syrian government forces have continued their attack on the city of Homs. Earlier, the United Nations human rights chief said that the attack could be considered crimes against humanity. The opposition group, the Local Coordination Committees, described Homs as receiveing severe shelling. Witnesses said supplies of food and fuel are low. They said most stores are closed because of continuing heavy mortar and rocket fire that has trapped people in their homes. The attacks have especially targeted the Sunni Muslim area of Baba-Amar, which is at the heart of the anti-government uprising. Internet video shows black smoke and flames rising as shells crashed into buildings. Hundreds of people have been reported killed in Homs since the government started shelling rebel areas.



Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping has told American leaders that China is ready for honest talks about human rights. Mr. Xi has also promised that China will cooperate on economic issues. Mr. Xi met President Obama and Vice President Biden at the White House Tuesday. He said China has made major improvements on human rights in the last thirty years. But, he said there is always opportunity for more improvements. Mr. Xi also told State Department officials that the United States and China should try to have more balance in trade and investments. And, he said the two countries should discuss their economic concerns instead of restricting international trade.



Officials in Thailand have said an Iranian man carrying a bomb wounded four people and destroyed his own legs Tuesday in Bangkok. Government officials said the first of three explosions took place at a house where the Iranian was staying. Soon afterward, he threw a bomb at a taxi that refused to stop for him and later he tried to throw a small bomb at police on a busy road near a school. The Thai national police chief said the bomb appeared to be designed to harm people and not places. The Bangkok explosions followed bomb attacks aimed at Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. Israel accused Iran and the Islamist group Hezbollah of responsibility for the attacks. Officials say it is not clear if the three incidents are linked.



Pakistan says it has temporarily let NATO send some kinds of food to its troops in neighboring Afghanistan. The decision comes less than three months after Pakistan closed its border to NATO supply trucks crossing into Afghanistan. Pakistan did so after a cross-border raid by coalition forces killed twenty-four Pakistani troops in November. The incident has hurt relations between NATO and Pakistan. Pakistani Defense Minister Ahmed Muktar said Tuesday that his government would let NATO use Pakistani air space to send perishable food into Afghanistan for a limited time. The minister also said he asked the coalition not to buy more supplies that can spoil such as food.



China says it is ready to get more deeply involved in the European debt crisis. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao made the statement in Beijing after meeting with European Union President Herman Van Rompuy. Mr. Wen said Chinese support is, in his words, "sincere and firm." He said China will match words with actions, but the Chinese leader gave no details. In Greece, the government of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos met Tuesday to identify another four hundred thirty million dollars in budget cuts. European leaders are demanding written guarantees from Greece that it will carry out the proposed cuts.