VOA 1分ニュース スクリプト 12/03/07

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Six countries have offered to restart talks with Iran about possible military involvement in the Iranian nuclear program. European Union policy chief Catherine Ashton says she made the offer Tuesday in a letter sent to an Iranian nuclear representative. Ms. Ashton has been leading negotiations with Iran as a representative of the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany. Her letter says the six nations' goal is a negotiated settlement that builds international trust that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful. Israel and western countries accuse Iran of hiding a nuclear weapons program. Iran denies the charge.



The United Nations says at least nine thousand Syrians have fled into Lebanon since Syria began its campaign against anti-government protests last year. The UN Refugee Agency says it and the Lebanese government believe more than seven thousand have entered Lebanon since last April. At least two thousand additional Syrians fled across the border in the Bekaa Valley in recent days to escape the violence in the city of Homs. An opposition group, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, says Syrian forces bombed a bridge Tuesday. The group says the bridge was used to remove wounded from Homs. Another opposition group, the Syrian Local Coordination Committee, says government forces shelled Maaret al-Numan in northwestern Idlib province. Witnesses reported large explosions and cut communication lines in the Daraa area.



Early returns from India's state elections show a major defeat for the ruling Congress Party and the famous Gandhi family. Results released on Tuesday show the Congress Party winning clearly only in Manipur state. It is losing or likely to lose in three other states. And, it is in a tight race for the fifth state. The Congress Party had hoped to make gains after months of intensive campaigning by Rahul Gandhi, the son of party chief Sonja Gandhi. Mr. Gandhi said the results were not good but that his work to strengthen the party will continue. In the last two years, the Congress Party has been charged with corruption and is fighting high inflation.



Talks between Sudan and South Sudan came to a halt when officials shouted at each other late Tuesday. The meeting ended not long after the United Nations demanded that the countries take action to avoid war. A member of the talks told VOA that the sides could not agree on citizenship issues. The decisions are supposed to start again Wednesday. Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant of Britain is the current chief of the UN Security Council. He said the group is very concerned about reports of troop movements and airstrikes near the border of the two countries. He urged them to respect a non-aggression treaty they signed less than a month ago.



American officials announced Tuesday that they had arrested six reported members of a group Anonymous. The group violates Internet security, an act they call hacking. One member, Hector Xavier Monsegur, cooperated with the investigation that led to the arrests. Mr. Monsegur claimed responsibility for attacks on the websites of large companies, including Visa and Mastercard. He also said he attacked government computers in Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Zimbabwe and the American senate. Officials say the arrests should weaken Anonymous. But, another group that sends out Internet messages for Anonymous told supporters that Anonymous is OK and will continue hacking.