VOA 1分ニュース スクリプト 12/05/16

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Syrian activists say government forces shot and killed at least twenty people Tuesday during a funeral march in central Syria. The activists said the shootings took place in Khan Cheikhoun, a town near the city of Homs. At the time, United Nations observers were in the area. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights accused government forces of killing the people in the presence of the UN observers. Shortly after the shooting, a bomb exploded near UN vehicles in Khan Cheikhoun. No one was hurt but several of the vehicles were damaged.



Negotiations to settle the political crisis in Greece have ended. Greek President Karolos Papoulias said the talks had failed. Socialist PASOK party leader Evangelos Venizelos says Greece will have to hold new elections, possibly next month. Political leaders in Greece have tried unsuccessfully to form a coalition government. They have not been able to agree on the spending plans approved by European Union countries to resolve Europe's debt crisis. Greek voters rejected the plans' deep spending cuts, tax increases and reductions in government jobs.



The new President of France, Francois Hollande, has met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. Mr. Hollande was expected to ask that a debt resolution agreement of euro nations be renegotiated to assist growth instead of reduced spending. But, Chancellor Merkel has said the agreement is not negotiable. The new French president flew to Germany after his swearing in Tuesday. Lightning struck the presidential airplane shortly after it left an air base near Paris. No one was hurt and the plane safely returned to the base. As a result, Mr. Hollande was forced to take a second aircraft. Before leaving Paris, President Hollande named Jean-Marc Ayrault as France's prime minister.



The United States Justice Department is investigating the more than two billion dollar trading loss at the investment bank J.P. Morgan-Chase. News reports say the investigation began just days after the chairman of J.P. Morgan announced the loss from complex trading in the bank's London office. After the announcement, shareholders approved a twenty-three million dollar pay deal for Chairman Jamie Dimon. He has objected to new laws aimed at increasing government supervision of complex financial activities. On American television, President Obama spoke about the J.P. Morgan situation. He said it proves that strong rules are needed to keep financial companies from making the mistakes that led to the two thousand eight economic crisis. One J.P. Morgan official has resigned. Others are expected to resign.



Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng says American and Chinese officials had been discussing plans for him to travel to the United States. The activist told VOA that an official from China's central government had visited him in the hospital to discuss details of the trip. An American official says the United States has completed processing his travel documents. The activist has been offered a chance to teach and study in New York. He also said his mother is now permitted to walk around her village without being followed. He criticized charges against his nephew and said he has found a lawyer to represent the nephew. Chen Guangcheng has been blind since childhood. He is being treated in a Beijing hospital for injuries suffered during his escape from house arrest in April. Six years ago, a Chinese court gave him a four-year prison sentence for publicizing abuses under China's forced abortion policy.