VOA 1分ニュース スクリプト 12/09/05

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President Obama's wife, Michelle, is set to speak to delegates at [as] the Democratic party opens its convention Tuesday. Michelle Obama is to make the case for re-electing her husband. She will be the main speaker on the opening night of the three-day Democratic national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Former President Bill Clinton will formally nominate Mr. Obama on Wednesday. The President is expected to accept the nomination the following day. Police faced a group of about one hundred protesters near the Democratic national convention Tuesday. The protesters began gathering just before mid-day not far from the convention center. Some shouted, “Obama is a traitor.” Others lay down in the street. Local police surrounded the protesters telling them to move toward a nearby park. Police said most of the protesters eventually moved but that at least one person was arrested.



American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Beijing on her third stop in the Asia Pacific area. The visit is aimed partly at urging China and its neighbors to agree on a method for settling territorial disputes in the South China Sea. China claims nearly all of the area. It has refused to agree to a process for negotiating disputes over the oil-rich area. Chinese officials want to deal individually with the opposing nations. Other nations with claims to the sea include Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei. Secretary Clinton met Tuesday with China's Foreign Minister Yan Jiechi. She said the United States is committed to building a co-operative partnership with China.



Afghan officials say a suicide bombing has killed at least twenty people. The attack took place Tuesday at a funeral in the Dor Baba area in eastern Nangarhar province. A spokesman for the province says at least twenty-five people died in the explosion. It was one of the deadliest attacks on civilians in recent weeks. Officials say the target of the attack probably was a district governor who was among the fifty people injured. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Taliban militants have attacked government officials at public events in the past.



Indian police have raided homes and offices across the country as part of an investigation into suspected corruption by the country's ruling coalition. The Central Bureau of Investigation says law enforcement officials organized the raids to learn if there was cheating and criminal plotting in the award of coal fields to private companies. A CBI spokeswoman told the French news agency that police held raids in ten cities. She said police searched coal company offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The opposition Bharatiya Janata party insisted that all coal awards be canceled immediately. India's government has denied the accusations of corruption.



A Kenyan warship has fired shells at the small Somali town of Kismayo, the headquarters of the Somali militant group al-Shabaab. The warship fired ten rounds of shells at the coastal town on Monday. The shelling apparently took place after an al-Shabaab gunboat seemed to threaten the warship. No one was injured. [A] Kenyan army spokesman confirmed the identity of the ship to the Somali service of VOA. He believes of the force supporting the Kenyan government, that only Kenya has a warship in the area.