Holiday Gifts

Tuesday, December twenty-fifth, is Christmas Day. Millions of American families will celebrate the holiday. One important part of the celebration is giving and receiving gifts. Jim Tedder tells us about some of the most popular gifts for young people this year.
Many American young people want to receive electronic gifts. At the top of the list is the mobile telephone or cell phone. A new study by Teenage Research Unlimited says thirty-one percent of Americans between the ages of twelve and nineteen already use a cell phone.
Teenagers like mobile phones because they can talk to their friends anytime they want. Parents like cell phones too. They like being able to talk to their children and to know where they are and what they are doing at all times. Young people also like to send and receive immediate computer e-mail messages with their friends. This is called instant messaging. Now it is possible to send instant messages using mobile phones.
It is also possible to send instant messages on new devices called text phones. The Motorola company says it has already sold more than one million text phones. Another welcome gift for Christmas this year is called a pocket personal computer. Young people can use these small computers to send and receive electronic mail, search the World Wide Web or watch a video. Students can even use this fun machine to do their homework.
One of the most popular electronic devices for young people is the video game player system. Two new video game systems are being sold this year. The Microsoft company recently released its new video game system called Xbox. The Nintendo company's new electronic game player is called GameCube. Reports say each company expects to sell more than one million by the end of the holiday season.
And every young person who has a video game player needs games for it. One popular game this year is a hockey game called NHL Hitz Two Thousand Two. Critics say this hockey game is fast and exciting. Another exciting video game is a racing car game called Burnout. Some experts say video game sales this year will set new records.