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US President Donald Trump has attacked the mayor of Portland, Oregon, on Twitter after the mayor bitterly criticized the President for violence this weekend between Black-Lives-Matter protesters and truckloads of Trump supporters.

The President of the United States tweeted, “Portland is a mess, and it has been for many years.” Mr. Trump continued, “If this joke of a mayor doesn't clean it up, we will go in and do it for them.”

On Sunday, Portland mayor Ted Wheeler said during a news conference that the President is to blame for the violent protests taking place in cities across the United States over the past three months.

On Saturday in Portland, a caravan of Trump supporters in 600 trucks clashed with people demonstrating against police brutality against minorities. During the violence, a white man was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Witnesses said the man was wearing a hat bearing the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Washington State that has previously clashed with protesters.

In a statement Sunday, Joe Biden, who's challenging Mr. Trump for the presidency in November, said of Portland, “Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right, and I challenged Donald Trump to do the same.”

Oregon governor Kate Brown said in a statement late Sunday that everyone, including elected officials, law enforcement, and community leaders, needs to come together to stop the cycle of violence in Portland. She said, “Real change will come from the hard work to achieve racial justice.”

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