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This is VOA News via remote. I'm Marissa Milton.

With 15 days remaining before the U.S. Presidential election, Democratic challenger Joe Biden continues to lead in national polling against Republican President Donald Trump.

The Biden’s campaign is urging its supporters not to take that lead for granted after Democrat Hillary Clinton was expected to win the 2016 election, only to lose to Mr. Trump in an election night surprise.

Poll aggregators show Joe Biden with a 9- or 10-percentage-point lead nationally and perhaps half that lead in key battleground states that will determine the outcome.

President Trump says he's confident he will be re-elected. An unprecedented number of early voters have already cast their ballots in this year's contest. Nearly 28 million people have voted either in person or by mail since early voting started in recent weeks.

Experts say as many as half of this year's votes could come in before Election Day, November 3rd. Some of the voters have told interviewers they’re voting early to avoid Election Day crowds where they might catch coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world has passed 40 million. The milestone was passed early Monday according to Johns Hopkins University, which collates reporting from around the world.

Experts believe the real number of people who’ve had COVID-19 is likely far higher than the official tally. The death toll from the pandemic has passed 1.1 million, although experts believe that number is also an undercount.

The United States, India and Brazil are reporting the highest number of cases, although Europe is also experiencing a surge in cases that has forced new crackdowns on social activities, particularly in France and in Belgium.

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