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US Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the power of hope Monday, along with new efforts to fight corruption, to persuade Latin Americans to stay home rather than attempt the dangerous migration north to the United States.

In her first foreign trip as the US second-in-command, Harris said in a news conference in Guatemala City that people in the northern triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, along with Mexico, need economic development that promises a better life than trying to move to the United States.

Harris said, “Help is on the way” with Washington aid and private investments, encouraged by the US government, in agriculture, housing and businesses, but Harris warned Guatemalans, “Do not come” to the United States. She said we’re not afraid to enforce our laws and borders.

Harris held what she described as “a very frank, very candid” talk with the Guatemalan president about corruption, pressing the need for a strong court system and civil governance.

Shortly after she met with the Guatemalan leader, US Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in Washington the creation of a law enforcement task force aimed at fighting human trafficking and smuggling groups in Mexico and the northern triangle countries.

Two candidates vying for Peru’s presidency were still neck-and-neck Monday as vote counts trickled in for the runoff election.

With over 95 percent of the vote counted, socialist Pedro Castillo led conservative rival Keiko Fujimori by less than one percentage point according to Reuters.

Castillo, an outsider candidate, barely gained a lead against his rival overnight as votes came in from rural areas of the country.

Lima’s stock market plunged and the national currency dropped to a record low as uncertainty over the vote continued on Monday.

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