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今回取りあげる VOA Newsに掲載された記事は、 アメリカ政府が中国に対し、米国などへのサイバー攻撃に関わっているとし、非難をしたという話題について扱っています。





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The US Justice Department on Monday announced charges against three Chinese intelligence officers and a Chinese computer hacker.

The charges were in connection with an unlawful cyber campaign that pilfered trade secret and confidential information from dozens of companies, universities and government entities in the United States and 11 other countries between 2011 and 2018.

The theft included information about sensitive technologies that were of significant economic benefit to China's companies and commercial sectors, the department said.

It added that the hackers targeted research institutes and universities to steal infectious disease research on Ebola, MERS and HIV AIDS.

The announcement came as the administration of US President Joe Biden and its allies formally attributed a massive cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail software earlier this year to hackers tied China's Ministry of State Security.

US officials said Monday that as many as 2,500 Afghans will be airlifted out of Afghanistan, as the United States completes its withdrawal from the country after nearly two decades of war.

The official said the Afghans will initially be housed at an army base south of Washington when flights begin later this month.

The group includes about 700 interpreters and others who aided US forces as well as their families. They will eventually be resettled elsewhere in the United States.

Officials said last week that the goal is to get approximately 18,000 Afghans out of the country before the last US troops’ withdrawal at the end of August.

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