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VOA 2-min news 211004_08pm



今回取りあげる VOA Newsに掲載された記事は、 バイデン大統領が懸案となっている債務上限案に関し、邪魔しないよう共和党上院議員を牽制したというニュースなどについて扱っています。





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This is VOA news via remote. I’m Liz Palka.

US President Joe Biden is urging opposition Republican Senators to get out of the way when it comes to the nation's debt limit.

President Biden made the comment Monday, saying Democrats should be able to suspend the nation's debt limit.

The President wants action to keep the US government from coming dangerously close to a devastating credit-default.

His statement comes as Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell refuses to lend his party's help on the issue.

McConnell is forcing Senate Democrats into a cumbersome process that could brush up against a deadline with little margin for error. But, the Republican leader said Monday that the Democrats can deal with it.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has arrived in France. The Biden Administration wants to smooth over hurt feelings and potentially more lasting damage caused by its exclusion of America's oldest ally from a new Indo-Pacific security initiative.

The top diplomat is visiting France for an international economic conference. He's also set to meet with French officials to discuss the rupture in relations.

The Administration has been scrambling to mend fences with France and the European Union more broadly, since the September 15th announcement of the Australia-US-UK agreement.

The agreement canceled a multibillion-dollar Australian-France submarine deal.

Facebook is back online. An outage left millions of people around the world unable to use its platform on Monday.

That included its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms which many used to connect with friends, family and others. Facebook confirmed Monday evening it had reconnected to the global Internet.

The outage began shortly before noon Eastern time.

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