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ナラボー・プレスのサイトでは、VOA のナチュラルスピードのニュースを、毎週1回アップしています。そして、その用語や表現などを、このブログで解説しましょう。

ニュースソースは VOA (Voice of America)のNewscastsの2-minute news より音声をダウンロードし、それをナラボー・プレスが英文書き起こしをしたものです。






This is VOA News. Via remote, I’m Marissa Melton.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Brussels Monday for meetings this week that the State Department says are aimed at boosting ties with NATO alliesand partneringon issues such as climate change, counter terrorism and ongoing efforts in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

be aimed at boosting ties with …「…との関係を強めることを目的とされる」
ally「同盟国」 → 「同盟を結ぶ」という動詞の意味もあります。
partnering on issues such as「~のような問題について提携すること」
 partner が動詞(ここでは動名詞)として使われていることにも注目。

Blinken is scheduled to take part in a meeting of NATO foreign ministers Tuesday and Wednesday and to also hold talks with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

take part in …「…に参加する」 → おなじみのイディオムです。
hold talks with …「…と会談を持つ」 → talks は名詞です。

After four years of foreign policy under former President Donald Trump that focused only on prioritizing US interests, a State Department spokesman said Blinken will deliver a speech in Brussels outlining a commitment to rebuilding and revitalizing alliances while highlighting the importance of NATO.

focus only on prioritizing US interests「アメリカの利益を第一義とすることのみに集中させる」
 トランプ前大統領の「アメリカ第一主義」のことです。interests は「利益」です。
outlining commitment to rebuilding and revitalizing alliances 「同盟を再構築し活性化させることに専念するという概要を述べながら」
 outlining は分詞構文です。

Blinken’s arrival in Europe on Monday came as the United States issued coordinated sanctions with the European Union on both China and Myanmar.

issue coordinated sanctions with …「…と連携した制裁措置を発令する」

Myanmar sanctions targeted top officials who were linked to last month’s military coup, while the China sanctions were aimed at several Chinese officials accused of human rights abuses against the Muslim Uyghur minority in China’s Xinjiang Province.

human rights abuses against …「…に対する人権侵害」

Regardingthe China sanctions, which were also imposed in coordination with Canada and Britain, Blinken said the United States was acting in solidarity with US allies.

Regarding「~に関して」 → 分詞構文とも前置詞とも言えます。
were also imposed in coordination with …「…との連携によっても課された」
was acting in solidarity with US allies「アメリカの同盟国との結束で行動していた」

Blinken is also expected to meet with European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, and Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief. The State Department said agenda items include economic recovery efforts in response to the coronavirus pandemic and addressing global … global challenges that come from Iran, Russia and China.

global challenges that come from Iran, Russia and China「イランやロシヤ、中国を基とする地球規模の課題」

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